My Story So Far…

“Career highlights include recording songwriter J.J. Cale at Carnegie Hall in 1996.”


BeginningsPenguin Cosutme

A native San Diegan, while growing up I liked taking things apart to understand how they worked, starting with bicycles, and later automobiles and tape recorders. I was in the Boy Scouts and had numerous backpacking adventures while earning the rank of Eagle Scout.

Wonder Years

At 16, I got a part time job as Sea World costume character Pete the Penguin. I participated in many events, including parades. Later, I worked in the recording studio creating audio tapes for the various park shows and educational exhibits with a graduate of the Telecommunications Department at San Diego State University (SDSU), who encoura Testing Audio Equipmentged me to enroll in the Radio and Television program, which I graduated from with a BA degree in 1978.

Business Ventures

After SDSU, I started McManus Enterprises, and later Paul McManus Recording. Managing these businesses allowed me to develop technical and creative areas of interest, including broadcast engineering, audio/visual system design and music recording for CD releases. Career highlights include recording songwriter J.J. Cale on a 1994 European tWhen Vinyl Ruled AES Exhibitour and at Carnegie Hall in 1996.

New Professional Directions

I helped develop and present the “When Vinyl Ruled” historical exhibits at AES conventions in Los Angeles (2000) and New York (2001). Through my experiences researching information, creating displays, and presenting content I became interested in the education field. To develop further skills in this area, I returned to SDSU and earned a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology in 2006. I co-authored “Performance Support Tools: Delivering Value When and Where It Is Needed” with Allison Rossett, and served as 2008 International Society of Performance Improvement San Diego President. Today, I combine my instructional design knowledge with my technical, creative, and consulting skills and work experience to improve workforce learning and performance efforts. In my spare time, I enjoy music, photography, reading, history, and cycling.